By the Seat of Your Pants – Plutôt la Vie

BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS – PLUTOT LA VIE (UK tours 2011 and 2012)

Nothing to be done and nothing to do. Fritz, Franz and Rudy sit and wait. Expectation! Hope! Boredom! Delight! Not to take things sitting down, they put their best feet forward to make the grade and avoid a kick in the pants. A hilarious exploration of relationships, slapstick and chairs as three men await their fate By the Seat of Their Pants.

Plutot la Vie - 2011 c    Plutot la Vie - 2011 b

Tim Licata, Ian Cameron and David Walshe – UK tour 2011

By the Seat of Your Pants is a fast, strongly visual, comedy for young people aged 7+ and their families.

“…sequence after sequence of inspired comedy… a torrent of creativity, and a profound playfulness… the kids are literally skipping with pleasure, as they run out of the theatre, yelling “Dad! We’ve had a great time!” **** By the Seat of Your Pants – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“Outstanding… Clowning at its absolute very best. Tim Licata and Ian Cameron are brilliant… if you don’t have a child, borrow somebody else’s” –

A full education programme including a comprehensive teachers’ resource pack accompanies the production.