Handfast by Jules Horne – Nutshell Theatre

A world premiere, co-production between Nutshell and The Byre Theatre; this hugely entertaining blend of story telling, music and ink black comedy, is an immersive theatre experience of a very special kind; offering audiences a great night out – www.nutshelltheatre.co.uk

Telling the story of the day leading up to Mona and Geoff’s wedding, the play centres round three couples: Mona and Geoff – off their meds for the day to ensure they are “completely themselves” when they join hands. Marina who’s organised the day, decorating, cake baking and getting her husband Neil to sort the PA. Sarah – officiating in her first ceremony as a humanist celebrant worried that her husband Mark is so distant these days.
As events spiral hilariously out of control, will we make it to the wedding? The PA blows up. Geoff and Mona are both incapable of deciding whether to go through with their vows. Marina and Neil’s marriage explodes in a huge row and Sarah confronts Mark suspecting an affair, only to discover he’s struggling with OCD. Cast and audience rally round at the last minute to witness the marriage and celebrate. For the first time in twenty years Neil steps in to sing live with Marina. We step out to the Gay Gordons as they sing acoustic cover versions of their 80’s goth favourites. A happy ending for everyone!

Nutshell is a multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed, touring theatre company. Their last two shows won Fringe First awards and toured extensively throughout the UK. With the support of Creative Scotland development funding, Handfast has been made in collaboration with Jules Horne joining site specific shows Allotment (Fringe First Winner 2011) and Thread (Fringe First Winner 2012) to form the final part of her Still Points of The Turning World trilogy.

Handfast has been created to take place in a venue where a wedding reception and ceilidh would happen. This means the show lends itself to programming outside conventional theatre spaces and to rural touring venues.

Duration – c.1.5hrs

3 hour get-in / 2 hour get-out

8 people on tour


Playing space 3m x 3m approx minimum. 100 capacity in a hall space where seating can be placed “in the round”.


Audience suitability: A show suitable for anyone over the age of 12.


Contact: Ed Littlewood Producer: 07956 255 186  ed@edlittlewood.com  www.edlittlewood.com



ʻ…a sensual experience for the audienceʼ –****THE TELEGRAPH

ʻJules Horne’s script is tight and revealingʼ – HOT SHOW –THE STAGE****

ʻDirected with loving attention to detail by Kate Nelsonʼ THE LIST****


ʻJules Horneʼs text is sophisticated and mature, brought to life by Kate Nelsonʼs staging – a compelling dramaʼ –****THE SCOTSMAN

ʻ… sublime acting… understated and totally mesmerisingʼ THE STAGE ʻMUST SEEʼ ****