LoopsEnd – Manipulate Festival, Vault Festival and National Tour 2016

LoopsEnd, a darkly magical production, weaves dynamic physicality, high quality visuals, and projection into a contemporary circus spectacle.  With director Al Seed, Paper Doll Militia captures a unique story which unfolds in 3 parts.  With a pioneering approach to aerial theatre, the stage is continuously transformed using diverse mediums and uniquely strung aerial apparatus.  Both chaotic and neatly timed, LoopsEnd delves into cyclical oppression, friendship, betrayal and the dangerous fixations of a quirky ensemble.


The performers envelop you in their otherworldly environment where gravity is more a suggestion than a law. LoopsEnd features the company’s most edgy and dynamic short form works to date, retaining the dark and magical quality the company is most known for. Appealing to audiences of all ages and languages, the show has it’s foundations in universal human concepts, told with enticing visuals and non-verbal unfolding narrative. With a diverse use of mediums and aerial apparatus, the stage is continuously transformed.  A true journey of the human spirit, LoopsEnd shows us a mirror of our own experiences reminding us of our collective grit and strength.



Co-artistic Directors – Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes

Performers – Rain Anya, Sarah Bebe Holmes, Joe Garcia and Claire Crook

Producer – Ed Littlewood



Manipulate – Traverse Theatre – 02 Feb // 7.30pm

Cumbernauld Theatre – 13 Feb // 7.45pm

Eastwood Park – 15 Feb // 7.30pm

Aros – 17 Feb // 7.30pm

Byre Theatre – 20 Feb // 7.30pm

Vault Festival – The Vaults, London – 24-28 Feb // 9pm (matinee 27-28 Feb – 4.30pm)

The Brunton – 02 Mar // 19.30



Duration: 75 mins        Age: 12+          Note: this production has no spoken word


THE COMPANY – www.paperdollmilitia.com

Paper Doll Militia’s innovative approach to choreography and poignant use of theatricality have gained the company the reputation of being pioneers in original aerial theatre. Their pieces seamlessly weave dynamic physicality, aerial arts and visual theatre. The emphasize the mixture of modern and vintage mediums, as well as invented aerial apparatus, to create their signature aesthetic; dreamy, whimsical and dark.