Without A Hitch – by Room 2 Manoeuvre

Hip hop ya don’t stop…but all good things must come to an end. Without a Hitch follows the downward spiral of a 4 man b-boy crew as ambition, jealousy and frustration manifest in a group struggling to move in the same direction. Given a hitchcockian twist to create a world that is slightly off kilter, expect plenty of dark comedy, powerful breakdancing and slick production from Room 2 Manoeuvre’s new hip hop dance theatre production.

R2M publicity. Without a Hitch. March 2017

“Who knew that hip hop and urban street dance had such a sensitive side and could wow us with bravura power moves”
Mary Brennan – Herald Scotland ****

R2M publicity. Without a Hitch. March 2017


Concept & Choreography by Tony Mills

Dramaturgy | Candice Edmunds (Vox Motus)

Performed | Antti Kyllonen, Joshua Smith, Oleg Kiricenko and Pontus Linder

Production Management | Roy Fairhead

Music & Sound Design | Danny Krass (Dannykrass.com)

Lighting | Grant Anderson (grantanderson.design)

Set Design | Karen Tenant

Costume Designer | Megan Baker

Produced | Room 2 Manoeuvre and Ed Littlewood Productions

Supported by JoJo Dance CentreDance Base & The Brunton


Room 2 Manoeuvre – The Company

Room 2 Manoeuvre is an Edinburgh based dance company, resident at the Brunton and founded by Artistic Director, Tony Mills, in 2007.

The company aims to produce work that will entertain and challenge audiences. Often thematic in nature, the work is characterised with touches of humour, slick production and visceral choreography. With a firm foundation in hip hop dance technique, Room 2 Manoeuvre firmly crosses into contemporary dance and physical theatre genres, as the company seeks new forms of expression highlighted by an original movement vocabulary.

“Funny, dynamic, clever yet accessible, this work in progress is due a full airing in 2017, and hurrah for that” Kelly Apter – Scotsman ****

The company has been a recipient of several grants from the national arts body, Creative Scotland, and has gone on to successfully present work around the UK, Europe, Asia and South America. Othe stage, Room 2 Manoeuvre is concerned with delivering dance education to both community and professional organisations through the company itself, partnerships and international initiatives. e company is also involved in the production and programming for live theatre events within Scotland.


Education Activity

Room 2 Manoeuvre endeavours to provide a high level of dance education to schools, community and professional organisations and practitioners in the UK and internationally.

The company has worked with institutions including Dance Base, Citymoves, Dance House, Dance City, Yorkshire Dance, e Space Dundee, Edinburgh College, Scottish Youth Dance and Open Look Festival, St Petersburg and Centre National de la Danse, Paris, as well as many primary and secondary schools and local authorities in Scotland.

“An immensely satisfying piece. Four B-boys, led by British dancer/ choreographer Tony Mills through wild freestyling and giddy ensemble work… a hilarious lm montage parody” – Lorna Irvine – Across the Arts ****

Workshops are usually on the same day as the performance (negotiable). The company is always keen to engage with venues and local schools/organisations in a way that is most suitable for their audience and local dance community, and is able to offer longer workshops, Q+A talks, residencies and curtain raiser projects. This is something of great interest to us with a view to building a sustainable dance audience in the lead up to any performance.


Production History

Without a Hitch was developed and created with the support of Dance Base and Oulu Dance Centre, Finland. It featured as part of the Dance Base NordDance 2015 showcase at the Traverse eatre.