Written and performed by Mary Jane Wells

Directed by Susan Worsfold

Based on a true story – Heroine is based on the true story of Danna Davis, and her 10 years in the US Army. A survivor of military sexual trauma, hers is a human story exploring healing, forgiveness and what speaking your truth really means – with grit, lyricism and necessary black humour.

MaryJaneWellsHeroine 37

Outstanding.” – MICHELLE OBAMA

On a dangerous mission inside a combat zone, Sgt Davis must work with the perpetrator of her sexual attack to get her squad home safely. Can peace ever be possible?

This is a solo performance of a powerful script, with strong language and graphic content.

An impressive performance… Heroine is a compelling story of resilience and survival, told by Wells in her own script with tremendous assurance and vivid attention to detail. A clean and focussed production… with Matt Padden’s excellent soundscape putting us on edge and the unsentimental poetry of the script keeping us gripped, it’s a tough, impassioned show.” – Mark Fisher, The Scotsman

Hilarious and chilling by turns, Heroine tells a compelling story whilst digging deep into subjects so raw they are taboo. Without flinching.. Wells takes her audience out to the edge and shows them the blazing fires beneath: she does an exceptional job. There is a real spontaneity to Wells’ performance, too. If you can’t see it now, mark it well and go and see it when you can. What appears, on the surface, to be the furthest from what you would want as the basis for an evening’s entertainment, turns out to be fascinating and gloriously entertaining – even as it bites hard.” – Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre